Introducing Alaris

The digital executive education platform designed to help organisations develop and upskill their remote workforce.

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With our professional environment changing in ways we have not seen before due to the global pandemic, businesses – large or small – have an opportunity to leapfrog forward, re-wiring the way they work. For this to happen, they need motivated, engaged and supported people.

Alaris is a digital executive education platform designed to support organisations with training their people for the new virtual environment in which they have to now operate, with a vision to advancing business progress.

It has been developed by Within International in collaboration with Professor Leigh Thompson from the Kellogg School of Management.

  • Built in collaboration with an internationally renowned organisational development expert
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Structured for intuitive micro-learning to fit within the flow of daily work activity
  • Visually engaging for efficient learning and effective information retention
  • Cost-effective with a subscription model for company-wide employee access
  • Courses that can be used with individuals, small teams and large divisions
  • Live and bespoke classes for teams can be facilitated on request

Our experts

Alaris experts have been carefully selected for their specialisms in organisational behaviour, leadership, strategic communications and virtual team management. With accolades from a full breadth of experience across academia and C-suite leadership, their knowledge resources and strategies are extensive and globally recognised.

Strategic communications

Strategic communications



Organisational behaviour

Organisational behaviour

Virtual team management

Pricing options

Whether your business focus is on individual upskilling or company-wide transformation, investing in the right learning programme can drive positive change out of the difficult landscape we are navigating. Alaris is based on a monthly subscription model, devised to be a cost-effective solution for company-wide employee access.

Get in touch if you need help choosing the perfect plan for you and your team.


£60 / month
  • 1 seat
  • £60 / month per person


£660 / month
  • 12 seats
  • £55 / month per person

Small Business

£1,000 / month
  • 20 seats
  • £50 / month per person

Medium Business

£2,250 / month
  • 50 seats
  • £45 / month per person


£5,000 / month
  • Unlimited seats

Alaris – stimulating innovation in a business as unusual world.

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